Talk Schedule

August 16, 2014

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Registration & Breakfast

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Opening Statements & Keynote

Hilary Mason

10:00 AM


10:15 AM Python Apps and Docker Matt Wright Insight into the anatomy of a huge Python project Thomas Hatch Getting Rich with Comparison Methods Matt Story Games with Pygame Piper Thunstrom
10:45 AM Finding your "Teaching Stack": tools for teaching Python from beginners to experts Elliott Hauser
11:00 AM Customizable and SaaSy REST APIs Juan Gutierrez Bend Postgres to Your Pythonic Will Wes Chow High Technology for High Needs Students: A year of programming in the Bronx Meg Winston Ray
11:15 AM How I Taught a 10-year-old to Love Python and Programming Eric Matzner
11:45 AM




12:30 PM Graph Analysis with Python Adrian Heilbut Python Wats: Uncovering Odd Behavior Amy Hanlon Python as uniting programming language across computer graphics packages and 3D automated manufacturing Rainer Schmidt
12:45 PM TSAR (the TimeSeries AggregatoR), - how to count tens of billions of daily events in real time using open source technologies Anirudh Todi
01:00 PM Helping Python Play Chess Jarret Petrillo
01:15 PM How I use Python to Fight human trafficking Eric Schles
01:30 PM Canonical sectors and evolution of US stocks: an application of machine learning in Python RICKY CHACHRA
02:00 PM Python in the Video Game Industry – Best Practices and Finding Cheaters Steve Lang When should I call myself as an expert in Python? akanksha shrivastava
02:15 PM Sparkling Pandas - using Apache Spark to scale Pandas Holden Karau
02:30 PM Architectural evolution in startups Martin Melin
03:00 PM SQLAlchemy and Race Conditions! Implementing `get_one_or_create()` Erik Taubeneck Harlem Election Rematch: Money and Demographics in the 13th Haronil Estevez Bytes in the machine: inside the CPython interpreter Allison Kaptur
03:30 PM MEDS: Malware Evolution Discovery System Antonio Cesar Vargas Python Begets Python: BattleSchool Provisioning, via Ansible, can Self-Document and Configure a Mac to get Productive faster and thus Produce Working Software sooner.. Anne Moroney Big Data in Biology: A Case Study in Computational Proteomics with Python and MongoDB Himanshu Grover you know nothing server Jameson Lee
04:00 PM
04:15 PM Asyncronous Web Scraping with Asyncio Bugra Akyildiz Using Python with an Ordered Key-Value Store Stephen Pimentel One Gestalt to Rule Them All Julie Steele Python for Curious People who Like Natural Language a Lot Jackie Cohen
04:45 PM Web Scraping is BS John Downs Monary: Really fast analysis with MongoDB and NumPy Kyle Suarez
05:00 PM Preventing Data Flat-lining Anna Smith
05:15 PM *args, **kwargs Brian Faherty Macro Scaling via Microservices Peter Herndon SMS for Humans: Using NLP To Make Text Message Interfaces That Fat Fingers Can Use Rob Spectre
05:30 PM Aspect Oriented Programming with Proxy Objects Silas Ray
06:00 PM

Wrap Up & Lightning Talks

August 17, 2014

Room 701 Room 702 Room 704
08:30 AM


09:00 AM Why is Python So Fast? Eric Chiang What Problem Are You Trying to Solve, Anyway? Alfred Lee Speed without drag Saul Diez-Guerra
09:30 AM Video, Python and FFmpeg: What you can do! Dean Silfen
09:45 AM Failing With Grace Sean O'Connor Building flexible tools to store sums and report on CSV data (or, collections.Counter: Where have you been all my life?!) Margery Harrison
10:00 AM Service Oriented Flask Randall Degges
10:30 AM Incremental Non-Design: Fighting Entropy like Sisyphus Paul Winkler
10:45 AM Pretty Pictures Please Hannah Aizenmann
11:00 AM Decorators 101: A Gentle Introduction to Functional Programming Jillian Munson Caching up and down the stack in Django James Meickle
11:30 AM



12:15 PM All That Is Solid Melts Into Air - Data and the Law Benjamin Hayes Enough Machine Learning to Make Hacker News Readable Again Ned Jackson Lovely
12:30 PM Intro to SQLAlchemy Mike Bayer
12:45 PM Introduction to Profiling Perrin Harkins Statistics and Linear Regression Models with Python Aaron Hall
01:15 PM How to write actually object-oriented python Per Fagrell Weather of The Century J. Randall Hunt
01:45 PM Confidence in the Lasso Jared Lander The Pathetic Fallacy, or, an Engineering Approach to Programming James Powell
02:00 PM


02:15 PM


02:30 PM

Mike Bayer

Practical Approaches to Problems in the Financial Industry using Python Andy Fundinger Setting up your Python development environment in IPython Daniel Kronovet
03:00 PM Python and Julia. Why do we need another language? Dwight J. Browne
03:15 PM Debunking Other People's Data Science Marianne Bellotti
03:30 PM PyParallel Trent Nelson
04:00 PM


04:15 PM

Closing Statements & Keynote

How To Shut Down Tolkien

Brandon Rhodes