Service Oriented Flask

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM on August 17, 2014, Room 702

Randall Degges

Audience level:


Building service oriented web apps is a great way to separate concerns, parallelize development, and scale high traffic apps. One of the downsides of service oriented web applications, however, is managing the high overhead of communication between services, and handling the additional complexities that come along with service driven development.

In this presentation, Randall Degges, Stormpath Developer Evangelist and OpenCNAM co-founder, will share all of the best practices he learned while building OpenCNAM, supporting billions of API requests.


Randall will cover:

-The most important rule of SOA (simplicity). -Designing good APIs with a documentation first approach. -Dev / prod parity, and what you should do about it (dev and prod should be as close as possible!). -Tools every SOA developer should know and love (vagrant, foreman, etc.). -Why integration testing is your friend (integration tests > unit tests). -How to handle the most difficult problem in SOA apps: authentication (Flask-Login, Stormpath). -How to reduce latency and improve scalability with queueing and caching (invalidation, celery, rq). -How to avoid wasting time by utilizing API services (don’t write code you don’t have to). -Best practices for deploying service oriented apps (dokku, Heroku). -Bonus: seamlessly scaling service oriented apps on Heroku (cost benefits, scaling, adept).