Python Begets Python: BattleSchool Provisioning, via Ansible, can Self-Document and Configure a Mac to get Productive faster and thus Produce Working Software sooner..

03:30 PM - 04:00 PM on August 16, 2014, Room 702

Anne Moroney

Audience level:
Core Python


A main goal of DevOps is to automate everything that's not pure development. Businesses need and want to help their developers produce working software faster, so DevOps is now key. Yet DevOps isn't just for startups and big companies any more. It can be for you! Come to this talk to learn how to get started in the quest to be ever more controlling of your Macintosh OSX system. A common use case is setting up a new Green field machine. This talk will walk you through how to take a machine from wiped to running with your preferred apps and tweaks. As background and context, we will discuss why BattleSchool matters and where it sits in the field. Brown field machine provisioning and other operating systems, e.g. Linux and Windows, will also be considered. Mac is the middle ground today - neither as automatable as Linux nor as unsupported by Ansible and others as Windows. Matt Wright's Docker talk ( ) should fit right after this material.