Setting up your Python development environment in IPython

02:30 PM - 03:00 PM on August 17, 2014, Room 704

Daniel Kronovet

Audience level:
Core Python


A walkthrough of the process of creating a good development workflow in Python (with a focus on IPython). This includes organizing the files in your project (and setting up relative imports through packages and modules), writing tests with Unittest, and debugging with pdb. This tutorial will also include a section on the extra features of IPython.


There is an adage among programmers that says that things that are excessively difficult or frustrating simply won't be done. Frustrating testing procedures, chaotic file systems, and tedious debugging techniques all go towards making programming difficult, discouraging, and depressing.

This talk aims to help novice Python programmers establish a clean and efficient development workflow, starting with cleanly and concisely organizing code within a project, moving on to setting up and using testing files, and ending with techniques for debugging.

The tutorial will focus on development done in the IPython interpreter, but connections will be made for those who prefer to develop in the standard interpreter.